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Founded in 1997, Software Tree, LLC is a Silicon Valley based company that believes the most active area of computing will continue to be Internet and intranet applications employing distributed, object-oriented technologies based on open industry standards. Our mission is to provide the enabling infrastructure software to simplify data integration.

 Software Tree offers a unique set of data integration (object-relational mapping) products, which share a common proven architecture and present similar interfaces for both Java and .NET worlds.

  Software Tree has developed fast, flexible, and feature-rich Object Relational Mapping (OR-Mapping) products - JDXTM for the Java platform, and NJDXTM for the .NET platform. Adhering to some well thought-out KISS (Keep It Simple and Straightforward) principles, these innovative and lightweight products provide a fundamental data integration facility to simplify development of modern applications, frameworks, and tools.

By raising the level of data access abstraction, our products create a frictionless environment for programmers enabling them to concentrate on business logic and not waste time on low-level infrastructure coding. The key advantages of using JDX and NJDX products include:

  • Increase developer productivity ... up to 70% by eliminating endless lines of complex JDBC/ADO.NET/SQL code
  • Leverage legacy data ... avoids costly data conversion or transformation needs
  • Shorten development cycles ... saves time, money, and frustration
  • Exploit legacy data
  • Create better performing and more flexible applications

Many leading organizations including British Telecom, Xerox, Los Alamos National Lab, Darden Business School, University of Alabama Hospital System, and Electronic Arts have benefited from the productivity gains associated with using our products.

 Software Tree continues to provide new and innovative approaches to object-relational mapping and other advanced developer issues.

Software Tree is an IBM Solution Developer Program partner.

Software Tree is an ISV partner with Microsoft.

Software Tree is a technology partner with Borland.

Damodar Periwal


Software Tree was founded by Damodar Das Periwal, who has an extensive background in databases, transaction processing, distributed and object-oriented technologies. Damodar has more than 25 years of industry experience having worked at leading companies like Tandem Computers, Ashton-Tate, Borland International and TIBCO. Damodar has an MS (Comp Sc) degree from University of Wisconsin (Madison) and an undergraduate engineering degree from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani (India).


Damodar has been awarded an Original US Patent 6,163,776 for inventing SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR EXCHANGING DATA AND COMMANDS BETWEEN AN OBJECT ORIENTED SYSTEM AND RELATIONAL SYSTEM. This process dramatically simplifies integration of object-oriented applications with relational databases.


Damodar with another colleague has also been awarded an Original US Patent 5,644,768 for their work done at Borland International on SYSTEMS AND METHODS FOR SHARING RESOURCES IN A MULTI-USER ENVIRONMENT.


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Software Tree, LLC
1999 S. Bascom Avenue, Suite 700
Campbell, CA 95008
Phone : 408-282-3606
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