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Date: May 26, 2004
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Remodeled Pet Store Making Brisk Sales


JDX™ OR-Mapper Provides Simpler and Faster Java Infrastructure


San Jose, Calif.  May 26, 2004: Two recent computer engineering graduates from San Jose State University have discovered a simpler approach to building pet stores that sell fast.  Rajini Raju and Chaya Sudindrakumar, both from the class of 2003, have re-architected the Java Pet Store application by using Software Tree’s JDX data integration technology that removes the complexity out of Java/database programming.  The resulting application provides more flexibility and superb performance.

The Java Pet Store is a sample e-commerce application based on the BluePrints guidelines from Sun Microsystems. The Java BluePrints Program is meant to illustrate best practices on how to build end-to-end applications using Java technology.  The original Pet Store application employs EJB Entity Beans component model to represent application objects like customers, purchase orders, and credit cards.  However, many developers find Entity Beans to be too complex and heavyweight.

“Remodeling the Pet Store required us to replace the brittle Entity Beans with supple Plain Old Java Objects (POJO),” said Rajini.  “JDX object-relational mapping (OR-Mapping) technology came in very handy as it provided a lightweight persistence infrastructure for POJOs.  Using JDX eliminated many months of labor-intensive task of hand-coding JDBC/SQL statements that would otherwise be required to integrate with relational data storage.”

“JDX’s non-intrusive approach to data integration gave us a lot of flexibility in modeling different entities of the Pet Store,” said Chaya.  JDX helps create better performing, more intuitive, and modular applications easily.


“The complexity of the J2EE platform is causing nightmares for application developers,” commented Damodar Periwal, President & CEO of Software Tree.  “It is gratifying to know that Rajini and Chaya, as part of their internship project, could easily create a simpler and faster implementation of a sophisticated enterprise class application like Java Pet Store, using our patented OR-Mapping technology (JDX).  We invite all Java/J2EE developers to reap the benefits of using this versatile and practical product in creating higher-quality applications with improved productivity.”


A detailed technical report describing the re-architecture of the Java Pet Store application using JDX OR-Mapper is available for a free download from Software Tree’s web site at   The full implementation code is also available for a nominal cost from the web site.


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