Java Pet Store With JDX OR-Mapper

Replacing EJB Entity Beans With POJOs


The Java Pet Store is a sample e-commerce application based on the BluePrints guidelines from Sun Microsystems, The Java BluePrints Program is meant to illustrate best practices on how to build end-to-end applications using Java technology.



Java Pet Store Welcome Page (This is not an active demo page)

The original Pet Store application employs EJB Entity Beans component model to represent application objects like customers, purchase orders, and credit cards. The application calls upon several distributed components (EJB session beans), whose role is to interact with the data layer implemented using EJB components (entity beans) and CMP (Container Managed Persistence).

However, many developers find Entity Beans to be too complex and heavyweight.

Two San Jose State University Computer Engineering graduates undertook a project to use POJOs (Plain Old Java Objects) and a lightweight Object-Relational Mapping (OR-Mapping) technology provided by JDX product from Software Tree to act as the persistence layer. The primary objective was to assess the design and coding simplification achieved using such architecture. A secondary objective was to measure performance improvements, if any. The remodeling of the Java Pet Store with JDX has finished successfully.


Press Release: Remodeled Pet Store Making Brisk Sales


A detailed technical report describing the re-architecture of the Java Pet Store application using JDX OR-Mapper is available for a FREE download You can also get the full implementation code for a nominal cost.




Technical details describing the re-architecture of the Java Pet Store application using JDX OR-Mapper


FREE Download


JDXPetStore Implementation

Full source code of all the changed modules. Installation and deployment instructions.

Please read Limitations of Liability before purchasing.

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