You are not a Beginner or an Intermediate Java/J2EE Developer if you …



  • Feel that you can express your thoughts and emotions much better in XML than in plain English.


  • Think that every problem can and should be solved using entity beans (EJB).


  • Get highly impressed and inspired by abstract product names like “DataStrangulation” or “3TierVacuum”.


  • Consider a product to be cool if it has a large footprint, and involves multiple steps of complicated configuration, pre-processing, compiling, post-processing, bundling, deploying, post-configuring, and tuning efforts.


  • Don’t need good documentation, intuitive tools, and working example programs to use a product effectively.


  • Prefer writing the following code:


Collection c = createPredicate(“myClass”).Conjunction().add.(Disjunction().


(like(“city”, "San*")).query();


over the following code:


Collection c = query(“myClass”, “(state=’CA’ OR state=’WA’) AND

(city LIKE ‘San*’)”);


  • Write such complex code that after a while you can’t keep track of what is happening in your business logic and want another framework to keep track of things for you.


  • Can easily figure out what object(s) you will get with the following caching option:






  • Don’t feel comfortable using any product without getting its source code even if it is tens of thousands of lines of code with hardly any documentation.


  • Believe that only wimps need product support.



Nonetheless, you may sometimes like saving time, energy, and frustration by using simpler and more practical technologies.   Check here.


Please take no offense for the above tongue-in-cheek comments.  If you want to add something to the above list, email to  We will review it for posting.



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