Comments from Industry Leaders and Users

Bill Ryan
A Microsoft MVP
"NJDX is an amazingly simple and intuitive OR-Mapper. I'm extremely impressed with just about every facet of it.
NJDX is powerful, flexible, easy-to-use, performant, reliable, and most importantly, it fits seamlessly into any architectural model.

And few times in my career have I seen such a committed and passionate group of professionals. There is no detail too small for them to address if it means building an excellent product and putting a smile on their customer's faces. "

David Lypka
Future Logic, Inc.
"NJDX allows me to focus on the business objects rather than on the low level SQL. it allows me to rapdily experiment with different variations of the database design with a minimum amount of work.

I designed my Corporate Tax application without even inspecting the underlying SQL Column types. I did not have to worry about correct conversions from SQL column types to C# types in the C# Business object class. NJDX handled all of that behind the scenes.

NJDX is working great in my ASP.NET 2.0 Web app along with the new ObjectDataSource binding the web controls to C# Business Objects. NJDX Resource Handling Pooling makes this efficient to do."

Greg Ball
Director, Darden Information Services
Darden Graduate School of Business Administration, University of Virginia.
"JDX 4.0 accelerated the development of our web-based J2EE applications that provide access and management of student information for the graduate business school. JDX simplified the rapid evolution of our application design by easily facilitating the mapping and database schema changes. JDX4.0 has met our performance expectations very well."

Kevin Leitch
Java System Architect
"The reverse-engineering capabilities of JDX really set it apart from the others."

Doug Barry
Principal, Barry & Associates, Inc.
"Persistence of business objects using relational databases is an important requirement of modern object-oriented applications.However, achieving that persistence with direct SQL/JDBC code is a complex, time-consuming and error-prone exercise. JDX simplifies this process by exposing a more intuitive object-oriented view of the relational data resulting in tremendous increase in programmer productivity."

JP Morgenthal
President, NC.Focus (an e-commerce and data management advisory firm)
Hewlett, NY.
"JDX is an excellent object/relational mapping tool that applies JDBC methods over Java objects, thus saving developers months of work. This is a unique combination in the field of o/r mapping tools."

Dr. Dave Forslund
Deputy Director - Advanced Computing Laboratory
Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico
"I can now run my full application, without changing or recompiling any source code, on top of Oracle Lite 3.0, Harmonia 1.5.2, or Cloudscape JBMS 1.1.1. In fact, I can run all three at once, if I like."

"I got my CORBA server up with JDX and Harmonia. I also moved it to Solaris (database and all) and ran without any recompilation or reloading. The CORBA server works perfectly."

"Interesting. So I can easily create two different classes from the same table that have lightly different attributes, or use them a little differently. This is exactly what we need in one of our applications."

"I'm more impressed with the power and depth of your software every day."

"I did a little optimizing, including using the JPP package from Sun. The server now runs with adequate performance on my Pentium 133. Actually, it is working very well."

"I've enjoyed your courteous and prompt responses to my many questions"

Chee-Beng Chay
Director, PalmWindow, A Wireless Infrastructure Company in Singapore
JDX object-relational mapping vocabulary is very comprehensive. We've not encountered situations where the OR grammar was not able to handle. Our software's object model uses a fair bit of inheritance with different specializations. And JDX was able to address the object mapping quite nicely. We've tried Oracle but couldn't achieve what we've achieved with JDX.

JDX is able to persist the object-relational mapping model into a text file.By editing the text file, we can easily and quickly make changes to the object-relational mapping. This is really a handy feature during development period when things are more fluid and unstable.

We like the feature in JDX where we can choose to delay the instantiation of object attributes via the shallow and deep control flags. With this feature, we are able to shave-off unnecessary object instantiation which improves our software performance greatly.

The pre-update and post-select hooks in JDX are another handy and powerful feature in JDX. You can easily add in your own data massaging logic which can be difficult to achieve at the RDBMS level.

Principal Scientist
A Leading Knowledge Research Institute in Germany

JDX has saved us a lot of time in developing our workflow system because we did not have to implement the mapping between java classes and database structures from scratch using complex JDBC. The object relational mapping grammar allows us to control the mapping quite easily.

Richard Brewster
Kesmai Corporation, A News Corporation Company

"JDX enables us to take advantage of JDBC without having to code to the JDBC API. This has accelerated our project development and time to market. I did not encounter any modeling or query requirements in our complex application for which JDX did not have a solution."

Lubos Hartman
Software Architect for J2EE, Unicorn, Czech Republic

"JDX is a top-tier OR-Mapping technology. Simple definition of the mapping in the text form is very innovative, powerful and interesting."

Scott Opitz
President, IntelliFrame Corporation

"100% Java compliance, developer productivity gains and enterprise scalability were key factors in our decision to use JDX for database to object mapping. The success of our vertical market solutions and our 100% Java-based workflow engine, report generator and GUI repository services required a high-quality solution like JDX to provide efficient access to our customers' underlying database servers."

Alex Elkin
VP of Engineering, IntelliFrame Corporation

"We have evaluated a number of products and decided to standardize on JDX. It combines the power of the database-to-Java mapping tool with the simplicity and flexibility of a well-designed product !."

"We are very impressed with JDX. In building a large-scale Java application, the object-oriented access to DBMS, eliminating the need of SQL code, is extremely important."

"JDX gave a jump-start to our application development project."

Niranjan Joshi
Java Consultant

"Personally I find JDX to be the best among all that is existing out there. I have already evaluated it on the local system and its performance is excellent."

Kevin Leitch
Java System Architect

"Of all the commercial products I evaluated, JDX was the best fit for our needs. Since we mainly work with legacy systems, the reverse-engineering capabilities of JDX really set it apart from the others."

Chris Mueller
Java Development Consultant

"JDX offers an elegant solution to the problem of mapping relation databases to objects for the purpose of persistence. The API is simple to understand and seem to provide the base set of functionality necessary to write usable software."

"The utilities provided for generating empty databases and objects from existing databases free up the developer from doing a lot of tedious work by hand and should speed up the design and early development parts of the development process."

Name withheld

"I wish we had known about JDX before getting too deep into our own home-grown mess of the complex object-relational mapping code."

Paul Quirk
PMSC, Australia
"We could not have finished our project in time without JDX.'

Mathias Hehn
Dr. Materna GmbH, Germany

"I'm very happy about JDX making the race. It was almost embarrassing to see what handicaps all other products have."

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