Our flagship Object-Relational Mapping (OR-Mapping) products, J-Database eXxchange (JDX) and .NET Jet Database eXchange (NJDX), provide very efficient solution to the common need for application programmers - transactional persistence(storage) of business objects in relational databases. Applications come and go, but the information about business objects needs to be recorded on a permanent storage medium so that it is available the next time a continuing or concurrent or a newly started application needs it. Examples of business objects are: quotation, purchase order, customer info, invoice, product info, pricing info, sales transaction, patient record etc.

Both JDX and NJDX provide natural object-oriented interfaces for storing and retrieving objects using relational databases. In most cases, JDX and NJDX will save about 30-70% of the development cost for typical new applications by automating the tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone task of writing low-level data integration code. Application developers can focus their efforts on business logic, rather than being overwhelmed by writing and maintaining endless lines of complicated JDBC/ADO.NET/SQL code for object persistence.

JDX and NJDX provide support for complex object-modeling including class hierarchies. They allow integration with legacy data to leverage existing investment.

JDX and NJDX don't modify your application source files - all object relational mapping happens in a separate layer. Consequently your application becomes data independent because the same application can work against different backend databases without any modifications! In fact, the object-relational mapping specification may be shared between independent applications. This provides a welcome relief from the proliferation of the complex object-relational mapping code.

JDX itself is written in 100% pure Java, making it portable to every Java-enabled platform.

NJDX has been tightly integrated with Visual Studio .NET and can be used with any CLR-based language including C#, VB.NET, and J#.

JDX and NJDX software are protected by US Patent 6,163,776 (System and method for exchanging data and commands between an object oriented system and relational system).

For more detailed information about JDX and OR-Mapping, please see the JDX White Paper.

For more detailed information about NJDX OR-Mapper, please see NJDX Highlights.

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