Software Tree Support Agreement

With the purchase of Customer Support, you receive 1-year support and upgrades. This includes telephone and email assistance on all aspects of the software including implementation and application utilization.

Price list for Software Tree Support Agreements

The prices for our Support Agreements are as follows:

1-year support agreement for JDX - $1,000.00 (1st year support must be purchased with the initial product purchase.)

Terms and Conditions of Software Tree Support Agreements:

  1. Only customers who have the current version of JDX may qualify for subsequent Support Agreement. A lapse in support agreement will disqualify purchase for subsequent support agreement.
  2. Software Tree will only provide support for JDX and its related products. We cannot provide support for third party software or hardware products.
  3. Only the current version of JDX and any future commercial releases of JDX are supported with a Software Tree Support Agreement.
  4. To initiate the support process your question must be submitted through to the e-mail address or by calling +1 408 282-3606 between 0900 and 1700 Pacific Standard Time. Your request will be responded to within 72 hours from the time of our receipt. The amount of time then needed to fix the problem will be dependent upon the complexity of the problem and the resources available.
  5. Software Tree makes no warranties that a satisfactory resolution will be provided to your support question, however, we do warrant that for all our supported customers, the very best resources will be made available in an attempt to provide a resolution.
  6. This Support Agreement allows access to free upgrades of the JDX software. If an upgraded version of JDX is commercially released during the 12 month maintenance period, Software Tree will issue the release free of charge to the Maintenance Agreement customer.
  7. This Support agreement does not include free access to on-site or off-site JDXtraining sessions.
  8. By purchasing a Support agreement you automatically accept the terms of this agreement.


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